Brand Identity



Brand Identity
We believe that a successful brand has to be able to create distinction and make a vibrant and vivid impression just like a superstar under the spotlight, whose every move attracts attention. We also believe that designers should go back to basics when they think about the task assigned to them in order to grasp the nature of the problem, which they can then solve through design. At Transform Design, we use modern-day language to help design a brand. We are committed to proposing new perspectives and creating new values. In addition, we strive to have a thorough understanding of a company’s identity, its brand, and products so as to help the client undergo complicated brand makeover and innovation.
Our line of services includes survey and analysis, brand naming, brand innovation, brand identity design, strategy formulation and positioning. We also collaborate with professional teams from different fields such as interior design, static and dynamic photography, illustration, and multimedia engineering to put together a complete and coherent brand image for the client.
As the coordinator in each brand project, Transform Design delineates the concept of a brand and then studies, observes, and analyzes the concept from different angles. We strive to capture the core essence of the subject and look for the right approach to make the theme more specific and visible. From the formulation of the concept to the final output, we coordinate the whole project and direct the collaboration of the team. We also value the communication with clients in the whole process as we believe that the clue towards a solution to a problem lies in every conversation we have with them. With our expertise, we hope to help sustain your brand and create specific goals and standards for your brand!
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